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    Wellness in South Tirol

    Enjoy the calm and warmth of our wellness oasis after an impressive day in the mountains.
    Harmonize your body and mind and revitalize for the next day.
    Soft music, dim light and the aromatic scents of the steam sauna will give you all you need to come to rest.

    Finnish sauna (90° Celcius)

    The high temperature of the Finnish sauna can be tolerated well because of the low humidity.
    It has a strong physiological effect and
    -    Strengthens the immune system
    -    Has a purging effect
    -    Is pain-relieving because of the higher blood pressure
    -    Activates the metabolic activity and relaxes the muscles
    -    Has a compensatory effect on the mind

    Turkish steam sauna (42° Celsius), 100% air humidity

    The Turkish steam sauna should be frequented at the beginning because it frees you from the inside out. Because of the deep inhalation of the delicate water steam, the airways are moistened. The steam has an expectorant effect and helps with cough, cold, hoarseness, bronchitis and chronic inflammations of the nasal, maxillary and frontal sinus. The effect is intensified by the use of scents.
    The high humidity is recreational. The bloodstream is stimulated; the skin becomes smooth and soft. The ideal duration in the steam sauna is 10 to 15 minutes.