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    Valid from Thursday, 2019-12-05 until Sunday, 2019-12-22

    4 days half board Euro 260,00.-

  • The First Snow

    The First Snow

    Valid from Friday, 2019-12-06 until Saturday, 2019-12-21

    4 days halfboard for 301 Euro skipass included

  • Ski Special for Kids

    Ski Special for Kids

    Valid from Saturday, 2020-03-21 until Sunday, 2020-04-19

    Children free up to 8 years

  • Sun & Ski

    Sun & Ski

    Valid from Saturday, 2020-03-28 until Saturday, 2020-04-04

    7 days half board for 610 Euro skipass included

© 2019 Hotel Haller

    Penser Joch / Passo di Pennes- Jaufen Pass / Passo del Monte Giovo

    This little excursion in and around South Tyrol includes a refreshment stop in Bozen/Bolzano or Meran/Merano.

    Start from the Hotel Haller and proceed to Sterzing/Vipiteno (approx. 8 min away). Before the highway bridge, take a right turn and you're already on your way to the Penser Joch / Passo di Pennes (2,215 meters above sea-level). When you've reached this destination, you'll find refreshment stops where you can have a bite to eat or a warm drink. Continuing downhill, you drive into the primeval Sarn Valley / Val Sarentino and end up in Bozen/Bolzano. In Bozen/Bolzano, there are numerous museums (e.g. the Ötzi "Iceman" Museum), a lot of pleasant cafes, and a romantic street full of shops and stores. On the Staatstrasse / Route Nationale, you can proceed to Meran/Merano, continuing on to the Passeier Valley / Val Passiria until you come to St. Leonhard. There, take a turn to the Jaufen Pass / Passo del Monte Giovo and enjoy the curves, the speed, etc. At the Jaufen Pass / Passo del Monte Giovo (2,099 meters above sea-level), you can take a few snapshots and then return via Gasteig/Casateia and Mareit/Mareta back to the Hotel Haller. 

    Excursions in the vicinity:

    •    Würzjoch
    •    Jaufenpass Timmelsjoch
    •    Grand excursion through the Dolomite
    •    Penser Joch - Jaufenpass

    Useful links:

    •    South Tyrol weather report
    •    South Tyrol traffic reportl