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    Environment protection and sustainability for an ecological holiday

    Quality, economy, ecology and social aspects are the basis of our work.

    Environment protection and sustainability as well as the use of renewable energy are more important than ever. That is why we – the Family Haller – have decided to lead our hotel economically and in a sustainable manner in order to make our contribution to protect nature and be in balance with it.
    It is our aim to work ethically and to offer life quality. We guarantee sustainability by supporting regional agriculture and by treating our guests, employees and suppliers as real partners.

    Here is a short overview of our engagement:

    Breakfast buffet: Our breakfast buffet offers a big variety of fresh and regional products.

    Building refurbishments and expansions: building biological aspects were respected.

    Cleaning and washing products. They are predominantly free of phosphate, formaldehyde, chlorine, sulphate and bleachers.

    Energy-saving bulbs: The hotel rooms, corridors and outside facilities are illuminated by energy-saving bulbs.

    Energy-saving heating pumps: Our heating pumps were completely exchanged and substituted by high-efficiency pumps.

    Give us an E! The green way to discover the area! We have E-bikes to rent and charging stations for your E-car use electricity that we generate ourselves.

    Heating: Since 2005 the whole Hotel is exclusively heated with regenerative energies. Our heating system with wood chips and wood pellets replaces 32.000 liters of heating oil per year, which brings a saving of 101 tons of CO2

    Indoor pool: The indoor pool is equipped with the newest technology, which guarantees less consumption of electricity as well as less consumption of water and chemicals. The stainless steel basin supports these elements.

    Light switches: Half of the hotel rooms are equipped with a main light switch.

    Products: our focus is on buying regional products.

    Smart Hotel: we have a smart control system for electricity and heating that operates as resource-efficiently as possible.

    Solar system: Our 220m² big solar system provides most of the energy necessary for warm water. In summer, the remaining energy is used to heat the outdoor pool.

    Ventilating system: Our ventilating systems (eating area, wellness area and indoor pool) are equipped with the best heat exchangers and reach a heat recovery of up to 90%.

    Waste separation: we try to avoid waste and dispose it separately. Organic waste is composted.

    We promote car-free holidays: the activeCard is available free in Summer on arrival at the Naturhotel Haller, with free use of public transport! Also in de Wintertime you can free use the public transport in Racines/Ridanna.

    We are happy when our guests help us economize water, electricity and laundry.

    Many thanks!